At the end of 2014 I knew very little about the types of 4 wheel drives available.
I wanted a diesel engine of not more than 3L capacity. I wanted a vehicle that was as economical to run as possible.
I started out with a budget of $5,000 But the longer I searched, the more I saved.
I discounted the Toyotas as being too thirsty and too expensive. The Nissan Patrols like the Toyotas, The Rodeos did not seem like 'real' 4WDs. The Pajero seemed ok but then pajero is Spanish slang for wanker. Who wants to drive a wanker?

It kind of left me looking at the Land Rover Range. I like a bit of luxury, so I focused on the Discovery 1. Very capable off road and reasonably economical. I then looked at the Discovery2 and 'Discovered" that there are two varients. The early model sans Traction Control, and the 'newer' model with Traction Control, twin headlights different rear lights, the 'face lift' model . All together, nicer.