Part 1

Why buy a Land Rover Discovery?  There are so many good Toyota Land Cruisers etc out there!

I did have a Land Cruiser BJ40 in the late 80's. It was a good four wheel drive, a bit rough and agricultural. Some dick ran through a red light after a couple of years of ownership and killed the car. The first 4WD I drove was in 1984 an Army Land Rover I think a Series 3.

    I ended up with a Land Rover Discovery 2a because....  What is does the 'a' mean? The Discovery2 did not have a centre locking differential. The Land Rover engineers in their infinite wisdom decided that the traction control was so good (it wasn't) that a locking centre differential was superfluous to requirements. To rectify this enormous error, the 2a was brought in. This also had a few cosmetic tweaks, the double head lights and different tail lights.

    In late 2014 my good lady wife bought a 1993 petrol Nissan Patrol for our son. It did not have a RWC so I spent a few weeks over summer re discovering, as my dad called it, "The joys of motoring" i.e working on a car. While the repairs were underway, son on his L plates and I would go driving, down to Geelong and back to get the hours up, and around the Brisbane Ranges National Park to get some mud on the truck. The RWC paperwork went in on a Wednesday, the car was stolen the following Friday and written of on the Sunday. I was slightly annoyed at the loss, after all the time money and effort that had gone into getting the car roadworthy. I was slightly miffed because I had explained to son how to ensure that the steering wheel was locked. A pointless exercise as the thieving bastards who took the car, just smashed the steering lock.

    In any case, the smell of oil and grease and the call of the outback kindled some urge in me and I started looking at getting a 4WD for myself.

Part 2