The front wheel hub has ruined bearings. There is so much play that the reluctor ring has chewed through the ABS sensor. I had bought a new ABS sensor as the Nanocom indicated that the ABS sensor had failed. I did womder why. I removed all the bits to get to the ABS sensor and noticed a fair bit of play on the hub. As I was not confident on replacing the hub, I spoke with Jason at Rovarange with a view to book it in. They had a back log past the end of January. Jason did advise that as there is play in the hub then the bearings are shot.  I ordered a new hub and this is how it went.

ABS cables
The green wires are the ABS sensor wires. On a previous hub issue I thought it was the cable connection plug. It wasn't, it was the hub. It is always the hub!

These are the 'extension cables' for the ABS, I think that I maybe changing hubs alot as genuine and OEM are hard to find.

The inverter to power the soldering iron. I am a just across the street from the house, but not keen on doing this on the road.

The soldered joint. You can just see a bit of purple heat shrink.

Both joints covered in heat shrink.

Both heat shrunk.

More heat shrink.

The rattle gun and socket. The removed the hub nut easily, very easily, maybe too easily. I think that the hub nut pushes on the inner race and the outer race pushes on the drive shaft. Really squashing the bearings in hard. As theis bearing had failed, there was a lot of slop and little tension on the hub nut.

Hub removed.

 The old, worn ABS sensor                                                                  The new ABS sensor

The old and new hub.

A couple of videos.
Hub comparison
Another hub comparison