SLS retrofit

After thinking about what to do with the suspension, it is a bit saggy. I decided to retrofit the Self Levelling Suspension, SLS. Maybe with a 50mm lift.

There are several parts to this task. Here they are, not in any order.

Install SLS Chassis Loom, well the SLS part.
SLS plug
The orange plug needs a loom plugged into the other side.

Relocate battery, it is currently on the SLS compressor shelf. I am thinking of putting this on the drivers side chassis rail, this will need a new shelf, possibly a folded sheet that bolts into the chassis, Are there suitable holes in the chassis?

A great spot for the aux battery, where to place it?

Install the ride height sensors.
Install the air compressor, compressor box
Install the air loom
Install the Off Road Height switch
Finally install the air springs
Use the Nanocom to tell the SLABS tha the car has air springs.