Discovery 2, an excellent website that has comprehensive photo tutorials of various maintenance procedures on a Discovery 2. 

RAVE The Land Rover workshop manual This also has the Freelander 1. This file is 423 mb.  Also the Freelander 2 workshop manual, a 295 mb file. This the other Land Rover we have.      

North American Specification D2 workshop Manual.          

D1 Workshop Manual       

AULRO The premier Land Rover forum.

Microcat online, The parts catalogue. This the Russian site. You can down load the software MCAT01, MCAT02 & MCAT03. Microcat only runs in a 32 bit windows environment.

Discovery TD5 Engine      This PDF contains just about everything you need to know about the TD5 engine. This also has 19 mechanical diagnostic flow charts

Land Rover Technical Academy

Shuttle valve Option A and Option B. The famous Land Rover Club Virgin Island howto.

Wheel Hub Torque Settings Spreadsheet. How long a breaker bar you need dependent on your weight.

RAVE R380  Gearbox Overhaul Manual

RAVE 4.0 & 4.6 Engine Over haul Manual

RAVE engine overhaul Manual V8

RAVE LT230 Overhaul Manual

Pinning V8 Liner

Water Egress to Headliner.